Skate Wings

Skate Wings

Skate Wings

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Low Carbonfootprint

Gluten Free

Introduce the taste of the ocean with Skate Wings from Chatham Harvesters. Skate Wings are caught fresh by local fishermen off the coast of Cape Cod and expertly prepared to bring out the best in flavor and texture. These Skate Wings are carefully cleaned and trimmed before being flash-frozen to preserve their natural taste.

Skate Wings have a delicate, mild flavor infused with the ocean terroir of Cape Cod. They are traditionally pan-fried in brown butter and served with capers, giving them a unique and delicious taste. The texture of our Skate Wings is similar to a scallop, making them a scrumptious and healthy alternative to other seafood options.

Chatham Harvesters take great pride in their commitment to sustainability and supporting their local fishing community. They catch Skate year-round, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh and flavorful Skate Wings for their customers. By purchasing their Skate Wings, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting a responsible and environmentally-friendly business.

Our Skate Wings are available in vacuum-sealed packages, ensuring the freshness and flavor of our product. Order yours today and taste the difference that fresh frozen, sustainably-caught seafood makes.