These are the most important up coming issues we need your help adressing


January 2021


Senate Bill S-3100 Also known as the "Aquaa Act"

Tell Your Senators and Representatives you do not want industrial fish farms in our waters!

Advancing the Quality and Understanding of American Aquaculture Act, S. 1861 or the “AQUAA Act” was introduced in the Senate on June 8th by Senator Wicker (R-MS) with cosponsor Senator Schatz (D-HI). The House companion bill, H.R. 1413, was introduced on June 12th by Representatives Cammack (R-FL) with cosponsors Representative Case (D-HI) and Ezell (R-MS).  Its purported objective is: “to establish a regulatory system for sustainable offshore aquaculture in the United States exclusive economic zone, and for other purposes.” In reality, it is a floating confined animal feeding operations that will pollute our waters, harm marine life, and jeopardize coastal economies.

January 2021


Tell Biden to Revoke Trump’s Factory Fish Farms

Trump signed Executive Order 13921 in May 2020 that would fast track opening the oceans to factory-style fish farms. Instead of helping struggling fishing communities, Trump's EO aids already well-heeled corporations in finding ways to set up polluting offshore finfish farms.