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Visit Buffalo Niagara: "Pacific Cloud Brings Quality, Sustainable Seafood to Buffalo" (2020)

By Ryan Horwath on Nov 19, 2020

Interview with Visit Buffalo Niagara (November 2020) explaining our business ethos and what being a value-led business means for us: “[A Values-based company] refers, in my mind, to not being solely profit-...

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The Buffalo News: "Kolaches, Knish Among Unique-for-Buffalo Eats at Sunday Market" (2020)

By Renata Baleares on Aug 25, 2020

Kolaches, Knish Among Unique-for-Buffalo Eats at Sunday Market  The Buffalo News (August 2020) “The operation has given its small business participants such a boost that the Chandler Street Market might grow...

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Grand Opening in WNY
Pacific Cloud Seafoods Announces Western New York Reopening

By Ryan Horwath on Aug 07, 2020

After a three-year hiatus, we at Pacific Cloud Seafoods are thrilled to announce that we'll be reopening in our hometown!

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The Juneau Empire: "Connecting People to Salmon in Alaska, the East Coast and the Midwest During COVID-19" (2020)

By Renata Baleares on May 19, 2020

The Juneau Empire (May 2020) "Some fast food restaurants in the Lower 48 have stopped serving hamburgers. Meatpacking plants have shut down. Grocery stores are frequently sold out of flour and rice. But Amer...

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#WeGotGoals Podcast: "How Ryan Horwath of Sitka Salmon Shares is Bringing Alaska to the Mainland" (2019)

By Renata Baleares on Aug 21, 2019

#WeGotGoals Podcast (November 2019) “Horwath knows a ton about the fishing industry and all the sustainability issues that are top-of-mind at the moment; he also serves as the Kodiak Fleet Manager and Wester...

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Cod Jig Fishing
Alaska Public: "Kodiak Jig Fishermen Explore Other Markets During Poor Cod Season" (2018)

By Renata Baleares on Apr 18, 2018

Alaska Public (April 2018) “Horwath says Sitka Salmon Shares is buying more rockfish out of Kodiak this year after a preliminary purchase in 2017. That’s good news for fishermen targeting rockfish. Horwath s...

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