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Pacific Pollock

Pacific Pollock

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The Alaska pollock or walleye pollock is a marine fish species of the cod genus Gadus and family Gadidae. It is a semi-pelagic schooling fish widely distributed in the North Pacific, with largest concentrations found in the eastern Bering Sea. Wikipedia


Alaska Pollock is known as the fish that doesn't get any respect. ... As far as the nutritional value of pollock, like salmon, tuna and cod, it is a good source of lean protein and low in saturated fat. All of these fish are also a good source of vitamin B12, phosphorous, and selenium.


Wild Alaska Pollock is one of the most consumed fish in the U.S. Mild in flavor, and firm but tender texture of this snowy whitefish has won many fans. It’s naturally fresh-tasting, direct from the pristine icy waters of Alaska — only fish caught there can be labeled as Wild Alaska Pollock.


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