Partner Distributors

Marketing seafood is equally important to catching it and handling it with honor. We Vet our distributors to make sure they align with our values from LCN: “Paying a fair price to fishermen, processors, and shore-side businesses helps support local economies and increases the quality of life for all those whose hands touch our fish”

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Our partner distributors help us spread the word about wild Caught, Small scale seafood. We need to put our fish where our mouth is and show customers what all the fuss is about. If we can’t get our high-quality resource to you in a way that respects and honors the seafood, then we are no better than the global industrial system. 

Here are some of our WNY Based partner Distributors. They have various options and can be purchased directly from their websites:

Fresh Fix WNY

Rise N Swine Holland NY

Farmers & Artisans Snyder NY

Thorpes Organic Farm: East Aurora NY