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Tinned Seafood

Pacific Cloud Seafoods is proud to now offer scout seafoods. 


"Scout’s mission is simple: we want to become the most trusted seafood brand in North America. How are we achieving this? By ensuring our products are both ethical and delicious. We only source from partners that meet the highest standards in sustainability, including eco-friendly packaging, reduced bycatch and minimal ecosystem impact. Scout is a Certified B-Corp Pending and proudly a 1% for the Planet member, meaning every sale re-invests into climate action projects. By leading as the first 100% sourced US and Canada seafood cannery, Scout works directly with fisheries and sustainable farms coast to coast. But sustainability doesn’t come second to taste; each recipe has been lovingly developed by our Co-Founder and acclaimed Chef, Charlotte Langley. It’s the craft seafood you will want to go back to time and again. Ready to dive in? Visit us for more information."