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Seafood Share Boxes

Welcome to our 2023 Seafood Share program, a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) and  sustainable and convenient way to enjoy fresh seafood while supporting local fishing communities and the environment. Here's how this mutually beneficial relationship works:

  1. Guaranteed freshness through blast freezing: Our seafood is blast frozen shortly after harvest, locking in the peak flavor and quality of our catch. This process ensures you receive the freshest possible seafood right at your doorstep or pickup location.

  2. Flexible subscription plans: Choose from three convenient delivery schedules to fit your lifestyle - every other month, monthly, or every two weeks. You have the flexibility to skip shipments or add extra boxes as needed, enabling you to tailor your subscription to your personal needs.

  3. Diverse species selection: To keep your palate excited and your meals diverse, we offer a rotating selection of fish and shellfish. Our offerings include locally abundant but often underutilized species from the east coast like Skate, Dogfish, and Monkfish.

  4. Convenient delivery options: Whether you prefer the convenience of home delivery or picking up your box from our Buffalo Seafood Hub, we've got you covered. We aim to make accessing fresh, local seafood as easy as possible.

  5. Support for sustainable fishing practices and local communities By subscribing to our Seafood Share Boxes, you're not just buying seafood;you're investing in your local community and the health of our oceans. Our CSF program is based on the principle of pre-paying for a "season" of fresh, locally caught seafood. This advance payment supports small-scale, local fishermen, fostering economic opportunities that support resource-based livelihoods and cultivate healthy community ties 1 Additionally, it encourages low-impact fishing practices, building a stronger connection between you and your food system while promoting sustainable practices
  6. Commitment to core values: Our CSF program is guided by a strong set of values including fair access, fair price, traceable and simple supply chains, and honoring the ocean. These values ensure that we maintain a high level of accountability and trust, both within our network and with you, our valued subscriber​1​.

Join us now to enjoy the convenience, sustainability, and ultimate freshness of our Seafood Share Boxes while contributing to a resilient, fair, and environmentally conscious seafood system.