Seafood industry resists push to reel in traceable wild fish: Study

Seafood industry resists push to reel in traceable wild fish: Study


This is not surprising to anyone in the industry. Especially small scale, direct marketers. In 2018, my partner and I traveled to New York City to take part in the stories, seafood experience, put on by a project, called fish coin.  Fish coins, goals were to incentivize traceability, and provide compensation to those good actors within the supply chain. 

It was at the height of the crypto bubble, but what attracted me to the project was the technology and the core fundamentals, which I still align with.

In 2026 rules for the food safety in modernization act will start to be enforced and many of these bad players will have to comply or face stiff consequences.

Companies like seed to table have already seen what can happen when they get a little lackadaisical with their recording as outlined in this 2019 article from the AP.




Companies like ThisFish Inc., Envisible, Certified Quality Foods,  are important to help with increasing transparency. They are fighting goliath, many of the large current players would rather you did not know everything about your fish:

Check out this aritcle:

"The article published in the journal Technology in Society found an oligopoly of big seafood wholesalers and fish markets are reluctant to use traceability technologies, as a way of avoiding closer scrutiny on their supply chain practices."