Alaska Public: "Kodiak Jig Fishermen Explore Other Markets During Poor Cod Season" (2018)

Alaska Public (April 2018)

“Horwath says Sitka Salmon Shares is buying more rockfish out of Kodiak this year after a preliminary purchase in 2017. That’s good news for fishermen targeting rockfish. Horwath says Sitka Salmon Shares offers vessels around a dollar a pound for the fish, which is at least twice the profit Kodiak jig fishermen would usually make on rockfish, if not more.” 

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Meet Ryan Horwath

Ryan Horwath grew up in Rochester, New York, and lives in Buffalo with his partner, Valerie, and daughter Ava. When he's not in Western New York, he's on a small boat jigging for cod and rockfish in the pristine waters off Kodiak, Alaska or sourcing the best east coast seafood he can find from Cape Cod to Maine.