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Pacific Octopus

Pacific Octopus

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Caught in the waters of the Gulf of Alaska, our Pacific Octopus can be eaten raw (sashimi-style) or cooked. Because each arm is big (around 3 pounds), you’ll have enough to try a variety of ways. When raw, Pacific Octopus has a sweet taste & smooth texture. When cooked, its sweetness comes through with a meaty, crunchy texture. 


  • According to the Alaska Sealife Center, populations of giant Pacific octopus are thought to be stable, despite the challenge of researching these reclusive species with short life-spans. (ASC, Giant Pacific Octopus)


Nutritional Benefits
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals.
  • Low fat, great source of complete protein.


Fun Facts
  • Along with eight arms, octopus also has three hearts and nine brains (a central one, plus one on each arm).
  • Since their only solid organs are two small plates around their mouths, fully-grown octopus can fit through spaces smaller than 3 inches. (ADFG Pacific Octopus)


  • Long, slow cooking; roasting or grilling is the way to go, you'll know octopus is done when you can poke it with a fork & it feels soft.
  • Great in stews, paella, & pasta dishes.

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