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Pacific Cloud Seafoods

Mix Box (Shipping in May '23)

Mix Box (Shipping in May '23)

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Looking for a seafood feast that's both delicious and environmentally conscious this March? Look no further than our Mix box, packed with an assortment of Silver or Sockeye Salmon, Pacific Cod, Monkfish, and Black Cod Bites (Sablefish), all valued at an impressive $150.

But our Mix box is more than just tasty seafood. By choosing our box, you're supporting fisherman-owned cooperatives that prioritize sustainable catch methods. These practices are both ethical and environmentally responsible, ensuring that our oceans and fish populations remain healthy for generations to come.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we can make substitutions and tailor the Mix box to your preferences, so you receive a personalized and enjoyable experience. Delivery is set to begin around the 17th of this month, so you won't have to wait long to savor the finest quality seafood while making a positive impact on the world.

Invest in your health and the health of our oceans by choosing our Mix box this March. Elevate your dining experience while supporting ethical and sustainable fishing practices. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood that's also environmentally responsible. Order your Mix box today!

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We will Deliver within a 50 mile radius of Buffalo and a 30 mile radius of Rochester, NY.
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