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Albacore Tuna Half Loins ~8oz.

Albacore Tuna Half Loins ~8oz.

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The Seafood Producers Cooperative's blast frozen Wild Caught Albacore Tuna Loins are the perfect addition to any meal. Our loins are wild caught from the clean, crisp waters of the Pacific Ocean and frozen with a blast freezing process that preserves the natural flavors and nutritional benefits of the tuna. Each loin is hand-cut to ensure a consistent size and shape, and is perfect for grilling, baking, searing, and more. With a firm texture and mild flavor, our albacore tuna loins are an easy way to add a healthy and delicious seafood option to your menu. Enjoy the freshness and convenience of our blast frozen albacore tuna loins today!

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We will Deliver within a 50 mile radius of Buffalo and a 30 mile radius of Rochester, NY.
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