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Chatham Harvesters

Frozen Day-boat Sea Scallops

Frozen Day-boat Sea Scallops

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These wild-caught Dayboat Sea Scallops from New England are known for their delicate texture & fresh flavor. Dayboat Scallops are larger than Bay Scallops & are approximately 1.5-2” in diameter. 

Dayboat Sea Scallops are caught on a boat that must return to land within 24 hours of its departure, making these some of the freshest of scallops.


  • These beauties come from our friends at The fisherman owned Chatham Harvesters Cooperative.  committed to sustainable fishing practices and community-building.
  • Sea Scallops are very fertile—a female sea scallop can produce hundreds of millions of eggs per year! This makes them respond more rapidly to conservation actions than species that reproduce slowly and in small numbers.
  • Atlantic sea scallop fisheries are managed by allocating catch amounts to different fishing groups, limiting days-at-sea and number of trips to special access areas. Limits on crew sizes, closures on protected habitat areas, and vessel monitoring programs are also in place. (NOAA, Atlantic Sea Scallops)


Nutritional Benefits
  • High nutritional value in exchange for low caloric content.
  • Low-fat, lean protein & provide an assortment of essential micronutrients.
  • High in vitamin B12, vitamin A & vitamin B6 along with trace amounts of minerals like folic acid, niacin, thiamine & riboflavin.


Fun Facts
  • The soft, fleshy part of the scallop we eat is its adductor muscle. Using it to snap its top and bottom shells open and shut, a sea scallop can propel itself through the water to escape predators.
  • The differences between types of Scallops typically refers to the length of the fishing trip.



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